Nieuwe deelnemer: Works4sure

Works4sure is the web design and development studio of Christiaan Hemerik, an expert in designing for what matters most: your end user.

We focus on the end user from the beginning through intensive research, interviews and user testing with working prototypes in stead of endless lists with requirements. That way, we locate problems early on so we can fix them before they even exist. This saves you time, but definitely money as well.

We can partner up with your team – on site, if necessary. This ensures that all the disciplines involved stay on one and the same line, throughout the project. We don’t keep secrets; transparency is what matters most to gain results quickly. We can work from anywhere in the world.

We have years of proven experience in all ranges: small websites, large corporate websites and web applications for every need. Through these years, we’ve come across many useful partners (other agencies, developers, copywriters) we still work together with on a daily basis. Our network is still expanding.

We love good designs! But they’re not the most important thing, as a kick-ass design alone is not enough for users to help find what they’re looking for on your site. Still, we believe that aside from a conversion-optimized interface, a feast-for-the-eye design gives people even more reason to come back at you.

Director Bart Hoenen is very content with Christiaan running his office at AREA071: ‘Another international operating company will strengthen our concept. We are experiencing an increase in attracting highly rated international IT specialists. That of course, is a very good development in these 3.0 times. It means we have got our proposition just right.’