Nieuwe starter: Genova Global

Geneva Global provides custom services to individuals, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and corporations worldwide, helping them to reach their goals and achieve greater social impact. Their services include:

  • Research, Advice & Program Design
  • Donor Services & Engagement
  • Grant Management, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Nonprofit & Charity Administration
  • Communication Materials & Issue Messaging
  • Co-Investment Donor Funds

We tailor our services according to the circumstances, timetable, and budget of each client: Some clients engage us for short-term assignments, such as vetting community-based organizations, providing one-time grant facilitation, or developing specialized communication materials. Other times we work with clients for the long-term, providing strategic support while helping to manage, oversee, and execute special projects and initiatives on an ongoing basis.

Warren Lancaster, international director at Geneva Global is very content with his new workspace in the AREA071 concept. ‘This provides me with an instant (social) network, extremely high level of services and good facilities to run an international business.’